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The Juke Slot

Ipad Slot Machine Kiosk for Use in Land Base Casinos

Patent Tablet Kiosk for Slot Machines, bringing Innovation to the Casino Industry! This innovative kiosk solves casino problems for an affordable low cost! FOR MORE INFO:

Client requested a powerpoint presentation for the launch of their new innovative product, The Juke Slot. The client had a 3d demonstration video that they wanted incorporated into the project. Voice over talent was also hired at the client’s request. The slideshow was timed with music, animations, and transitions; and the final product was converted and uploaded as a video file.

Software used: Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Microsoft Powerpoint 2011,

Final Format: Video .mp4

Additional Info: Template was purchased and modified to complete project. Project was completed in 3 days.

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