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About Tiffeny Curier

Tiffeny Curier

Tiffeny Curier is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, and a proud alumni of Ramsay High School. It was at Ramsay where she first developed an interest in graphic design and web layout. Upon graduating Ramsay High School, she attended The University of Alabama at Birmingham to pursue a major in Art Studio with a concentration in Graphic Design. In 2010 she withdrew from The University of Alabama at Birmingham, and began her first entrepreneurship venture as a freelance graphic designer. Tiffeny has since built a reputable client base and has been invited to work on projects such as The Magic City Black Expo & The Little Music Manchild: Malik Coffey Documentary. On October 16, 2010 she launched her second business, an online magazine titled B.Positive Magazine. In October of 2011 she had her first article published in the Magic City Classic Edition of The Birmingham Market. As a result of the positive feedback her first article received she continues to write for the quarterly magazine. On September 28, 2012 she was invited to speak at John Herbert Phillips Academy alongside Civil Rights activists Rev. Calvin Woods, Rev. Matthews, and Mrs. Sephira Shuttlesworth, for the annual Back to School With the HistoryMakers. This year Tiffeny launched a branding & an advertising company with her business partner called SparkPitch.

Tiffeny continues to serve as an active community leader, she serves as a Board Member for the Birmingham Public Library Young Professionals. She is a member of The Friends of Ramsay High School Committee, and serves annually as the MC for HistoryMakers Back to School Program at John Herbert Phillips Academy. In an effort to invoke more positivity within the communities of Birmingham she is hard at work developing a platform that allows users to connect with each other beyond the computer.  She takes great pride in her city, and her efforts won’t stop until the citizens of Birmingham, AL adapt a more positive outlook on their city and the progression of change is omnipresent.


Don’t spend valuable time trying to please others only to find out you’re displeasing yourself–Unknown